Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Friend is a 4 letter word

I sit alone in Downtown,
watching different faces, carrying different emotions, sliding through streets.
Some with family, some with lover, and some with friends.

Slowly, I took another sip of the hot chocolate which was made fresh two hours ago,
and look idly into the lines and dots.
Thinking that any moment, I may be able to connect the dots, and be enlightened.

" Nothing is wrong, I just didn't like it too much " you said to me, sitting still in the passenger seat and turning your face away from mine. "why do you keep asking me?"

" I just felt something, you know? I mean, I'm not upset by you not liking the show, but I've been feeling something lately from you. I think we can talk about it, maybe it'd help" I said, keeping my eyes on the road and constantly checking the cars behind us.

You sighed, and said " Just drive. "

" But Georgia.. "

" JUST DRIVE! " you yelled, " What's wrong with you anyway. gosh. Stop this."

Feathered friends drew transparent lines across the sky hanging behind the artificial buildings.
The empty cup stares mockingly at me, so I put on my coat, and left the coffee shop.
It was then, when I walk pass the same store where we both used to spent hours surfing at the jewelry section at the end of the halls, that I felt the transient existence of our friendship.

Something brought us together.
United us like never before.
But that thing, that crucial thing,
was also the thing that parted us.

What do people do to a changing friendship?
Is there a way to stop the decay?
and if it is indeed stopped, how will one recover?
Was it necessary?

The sky is closing down it's blind now, and the wind blew harsh waves of coldness into the city blocks.
In this briskly autumn dawn, I long for an arm to hold on to.
But you've made the decision of moving on, choosing a different direction.
It's alright with me, just...
I hope you are wearing something warm. Because we both know the future ahead of us is a long road.
And I also hope, in this journey that I no longer can be in, you will be forever blessed.
This friendship of ours may be changed, but the definition I've had for you and I will be preserved, forever.

In this 4 letter word.