Thursday, October 1, 2009

we chase the night

We hear the subtle drums pounding away at midnight.
It was the sound of the opening to the parade. (our parade)

The palest mice appear into the alley, mediately contrasting the light and the dark.
But he didn't care so much, for he was on to something more worthwhile.
And that was the cheese, the cheese that he'd find tonight, and treasure back to his house to gnaw on.

He look up, and wave to his dark feathered and pumpkin eyed friend. The crow.
Soaring around the antique clock on 5th block, the crow was also onto something,
She was widowed and hungry. And in the endless and obscure sky, she search for something that fulfills her heart and body.

Quietly, the owl sits still on the branch directly facing a house.
He was the greatest disguise.
Under his tranquil expression, lies a desire for preys.
The robes around him covered him quite will, making the tree and him almost inseparable.
But it was the hooting that gave him away. So he sits quietly, active and not active.

we are the darkest creatures in this town, abhorred by humans.
but we are also the animals, with behaviors adapted
by the humans.

So finally,
What we all have in common,
was that every now and then,

we chase the night.