Saturday, October 5, 2013

YES, I AM BACK FOR MORE CRISIS. UH-OH (face behind hand)

Hello, my beloved space for bottomless self-rant and dangerous eye candies! I have came to the conclusion that I will NOT abandon my blog and left to it lie fallow on the Web, where they become public remnants of a dream — or at least an ambition — unfulfilled.

That's right! This blog was an ambition of mine, to act honestly with myself, and in hopes of resolving (or should I say expressing) myself without taking the bullshits from irrelevant people.

so in celebration of my first entry after a year of disappearance, here's a video that I JUST saw, and cannot stop obsessing about. The title of this short film is called, "Ice Cream", and I mean, who DOESNT love ice cream?

It's got that Wes Anderson vibe to it, whether it is the use of yellow captions or the way the camera zooms in and out, whatever it is, Im a big fan of Wes Anderson and this feels completely right.

The clothes these girls wore are super cute and playful. I would honestly wear all of them. No jokes.
A short film with long legged women riding on horse, laying in bed with another cute girl, and a skilled surfer guy who can kill the waves, THERES NOTHING I CAN ASK FOR MORE ON A RAINY NIGHT LIKE THIS. I love it. For sure an eye candy to enjoy.

Monday, June 11, 2012


I haven't been able to update like I have promised, you know when you finally get to enjoy life without all the stress from work, all you want to do is just be a pig.

ANYWAYS, Hopefully I'll get my ass up and start blogging again.

Let's enjoy this fun and quirky music video by Die Antwoord! It's perfection.

Friday, April 27, 2012

one more week to go....

sorry for the lack of update! school is coming to an end, and work are overloading!
I will be free in a week!

meanwhile, please enjoy this fembot gif I made.
(the crystals are images of water with altered colors)


Saturday, April 7, 2012

♥ ♥ ♥ Mermaids ♥ ♥ ♥ Wild and Free // Daughters of the Sea

☓ Magic spirits of the deep, make me a mermaid and I shall be free ☓

Hi everyone! Happy Saturday!! this week's post is on: "Mermaids"!

Like I have mentioned before, lately I've become overly obsess with anything that has to do with the sea and mermaids. Things like...

1. Teal and coral nail polishes.
2. Pastel hi-lighted fishtailed braids.
3. Chiffon full-length transparent skirts

are what gets me excited when I think about how mermaid-y they make me feel!

Maybe I'm just dying for summer, or I really secretly want to become one. Either way, my compulsive behavior led to the creation of these photo collages for this week's topic. Hope you enjoy them!

☓ Chanel SS12 // this is so rad, pearls decor in hair and on skin! ☓

☓ Wildfox: Really a Mermaid ☓

The ocean humbles you and makes you feel almost like you’ve been baptized. 
I feel born again when I get out of the ocean

♥ ♥ ♥  ... More to come ...  ♥ ♥ ♥

All images are subject to copyright and the property of their rightful creator.
I do not own any of them except for the creation of the collage. Credits will be updated soon!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ring Ring Ring ♫

Thanks for RingPop,
I can stay awake during class ♥

hulk post on "Mermaids" in a few days!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

♡✯ Pink Lady + her Double Buns // Primadonna ♡✯♡

So, I think I promised to do a serious post with lots of eye candies this weekend, 
******SPOILER ALERT: was going to do one on mermaids, since I've been obsessively curling and fishtailing my hair this entire week. *******

But unfortunately, I had to go watch The Hunger Games tonight, and with other things I had to do, and thing waiting for me to do, I cannot. 

I did, however, took some time to make this Sailor Moon "Chibiusa" inspired hair board! 
Not only does the pink make me feel all giggly in the inside, the cute pigtails and buns just looks like so much fun! For people who have long hair, I think this is a cute style that you can try this summer!

Going to sleep with my double fishtail braid tonight, and tomorrow I will have beach-ready hair!
Hope everyone enjoy their weekend! ♡♡DRINK WISELY DRIVE SAFELY ♡♡

 - - - - - +++  UPDATE +++ - - - - - 
I decided to add in a few songs I've been listening this weekend! 
Happy sunday! anyone staying up all night? hi-5!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

moonlight + musics on repreat //

Hi everyone! I've been so busy with work lately! sorry for the lack of update (as if anyone is expecting any..but I'd like to think that I have a small amount of readers. haha)
There are so many topics I've gathered and wanted to post here but just didn't find time.
Hopefully next weekend I can have something fresh here.
Meanwhile, I will share with you guys what I've been listening to this week!
best goes out for everyone  ♥  ♥  ♥ ☺


(and here's a random gif of my new nails!)





(a new hairstyle I want to rock for this summer + ninja pizza)

Friday, March 16, 2012

✿ Daisies 1966 ✿ Feast of Youth

It's funny how obsessive people can get over a movie, take me as an example.
I was watching "Sedmikrásky (Daisies)" by Czech New Wave director, Vera Chytilová', the other night,
and as soon as the first scene starred, I found myself to be print-screening non-stop all the way.
I think I spent two whole days, making animated gifs and photos from this movie, I swear time just goes by too fast when you are passionately devoting yourself to something...
Help yourself with those visual desserts of the day ♥♥♥

The movie follows two teenage girls, Marie and Marie, whom decided that since the world is going bad, they might as well go bad. As they go on series of adventure, generally causing mayhem, they question their own existence, and the courrosive world against them. They have expensive meals with old men and abandon them as soon as they are satisfied, they set fires, destroy banquet, dance on tables, and swing on chandelier....I mean, that's just so bad ass right? 

Sedmikrásky is witty, funny, political, feminist, avant-garde, surreal, and possibly the most delicious visual feast all at once. Even though those girls are like, really, really, bratty and selfish, I still think they are super adorable. I cant help but wonder if they are representation of young existentialists though! 
"Do we exist?"  "Does it matter?" 

"Why do you want us to go bad?" 
"You know we are still maturing." 
The old man whips his forehead with a white hanky.

Roses + Green Apples
Stockings + Milk Spills
Butterflies + Fire

"Innocence" ?
"Youth" ?


* god I love the scenes with food *

I have to be honest though, this is the kind of movie that can be either light-hearted or disturbingly serious. It CAN give you headaches if one spend too much time thinking about the entire meaning since by the end of the movie the visuals would have already make your eyes kind of tired. However, I still highly recommend watching this if you also like "Valerie and Her Weeks of Wonders"and "Rusalochka",

you can watch the entire movie on youtube, here.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

☾ ♥ officially 20 ♥ ☺

Hi everyone! Yesterday was my 20th birthday! Some heart-warming celebrating went down last night, and I couldn't be happier. I guess right now I am writing those morning after post. Self-reflection? Confessions? hmmm, well, I do know that I've been a good girl this year...a lot has changed, but does bad girls have more fun? Now that's a superficial question of the day for y'all!

So, I've been having a good time here in Kingston, Canada! the city is beautiful and antique-y, the kids here (in Queens University) are so preppy it's ridiculous. Everyone has a pair of Hunter boots, Lulu Lemon pants, it's like a religion here or something. But nothing against them though, I actually enjoyed the sight. I'm just happy that I could still fit in with the rest of those kids since I've gotten too much of an art school attitude on. (and that's not good. I hate it.)

As I take in the old english styled academic environment that surrounds me, I cannot help but confess that I am sort of inspired! The uniforms (even though they don't wear any), the groupies, the home-comings, and the pride! Woot! So much energy! ah! please! So, here's a little mood board I made! 

Also, I watched Dr.Seuss in 3-D, the day before my birthday with my beau!! and it was s.u.p.e.r emotional for me. I cant believe I cried, the movie itself was ... okay, but Im just so happy to see what happened after the Lorax left! It's like I've been waiting for twelve years I am, in my last night of being an "teen"ager, the answer to "UNLESS" is unlocked. I can't even continue without being emotional again! GAH@IM JUST SO HAPPY! 

I guess that's about how much I can type for now(liking the Albert Einstein poster behind me? yea, thats right, our hair matches!) OH! and lastly, I'm happy that I've been able to keep up with this blog, one of my wishes for this year was to be able to motivate myself to blog. Even if there isn't a lot of readers, blogging for the sake of mental health? haha, too much, too much.

I'm really thankful and greatful for everything, Thank you mommy thank you daddy, and thank you Rosie and thank you Joey. you guys are my four elements of life...I LOVE YOU GUYS TO DEATH ♥♥♥

p.s. ♥Happy birthday to Sada Fann from the blog "W.C.I.L.S"! we have the same birthday! yay and the girls from the blog are so inspiring and has such great style that I have been looking up to ever since high school! 

Monday, March 12, 2012

♥ ✞ NOVA CHIU ♥ F/W 2012-13 Collection ♥ ☯ ✞

So, this is super exciting. Just a few days ago, as I was surfing around the net, feeding myself with fashion updates, I stumbled across the Vauxhall Fashion Scout'"Ones to Watching" fashion show. Each year, during the London Fashion Week, The Vauxhall Fashion Scout selects four new and promising designers to join the collaborative show as they get to debut their collections. 

This year, among many other talented designers, there was a collection that took my breathe away. 
Inspired by the ethnic groups in the Shangri-La region of China, with fusion of neon colors, the Autumn/Winter 2012-13 collection by Nova Chiu was a jaw dropping and simply one-of-a-kind collection that made me wanting...MORE!!

Above are sketches from Nova.

(click image to see full collection)

Look at those bursts of colors and textures! Everything from the clothes, tights, earmuffs to those headbands are embellished by brocade and fur trims. Reinventing tradition with youth, mixing the East and West! I also cannot help but wanting to make some close up stills from the show, here's a few I picked, see how the accessories and colors actually helped to frame the face? it's quite brilliant.

Below are tights from her graduation collection last year at the London College of Fashion:

For me, those are just enough to make me feel amazing for this entire spring break, so I will feast my eyes upon those for a while. I guess my appetite for colors has grown lately, not so sure if it has grown more mature though. But, whatever.

Monday, March 5, 2012


Teenagers worshiping celebrity is nothing new. In fact, it's been around the block even before The Beatles! (Oh yea, talk about celebrity obsession with The Beatles.) I think it's perfectly normal for teenagers to go through that stage. I mean, Who didn't worship The Beatles, uh, and Elvis, and Nirvana, and Britney Spears? ITS FUN. What brings friends or people together more effectively than worshipping the same ...celebrity/god/thing together? and what's more fun than decorating your entire bedroom with photographs and objects? It's visually pleasing, and it helps exercising the creativity side of us! 

So, why am I even arguing about this? 
Because I just found out about .... The "CWS".......

The "CWS" is a shorten name for, "Celebrity worship syndrome", and it's legit. According to psychologists, it's a personality disorder. While I do agree that there are problems that are cause by overly obsessive behaviors, I don't think that teenagers should have this "personally disorder" crap put on them. I saw the article about this from a parenting website, and they suggested parents to carefully analyze their kid, and be sensitive to the symptoms. It's not that I don't agree the potential danger in being obsessive over a celebrity (because I do think it can be quite dangerous and we should be careful), it's just that the way grown-ups like to deal with this is through "authority", through "I-know-it-all". 
And that's just pathetic.

This was part of the article written on teenager with CWS, and this is what they said:

"Recent studies have shown that teens who develop an unhealthy obsession with celebrities often suffer from low self esteem and depression. Teens who are overly obsessed with stars often have impaired relationships with their parents. Allowing this type of obsession to go unchecked can cause serious problems."

Well, who's fault is it? Maybe if parents are more sensitive to the "actual relationship" with their kids, they wouldn't have to worry about them having low self-esteem and depression. People can argue with me all they want, but I always believe that parents have more responsibility than they think they have. I don't want to get into that whole freud thing and psychology thing, but a child's development is heavily dependent on the parent. 

Just to show how much effort people have put into the whole CWS thing, this was how they define the level of CWSness.  
    Researchers have identified 3 levels of "celebrity worship":
    1. Entertainment-social: A normal appreciation of a celebrity because of their ability to entertain.
    2. Intense-personal: Compulsive feelings about a celebrity; a person may feel a special bond with a celebrity or that their life is also affected by whatever happens to a celebrity.  
    3. Borderline-pathological: Characterized by uncontrollable behaviors and fantasies regarding events involving favorite celebrities; may think that the celebrity is aware of them or would come to their rescue if needed or may feel angry and frustrated if a celebrity does not respond to letters or calls.       

So parents! Keep on paying attention to the level of CWSness in your kids instead of really caring about how they feel and what they want to express, because one day, maybe it's not the celebrity that make your kid go Borderline-Pathological, maybe......... it's you.


I hope the photographs were able to uplift the topic a bit (aren't they gorgeous? like eye candy?)
Sorry if I make you confused or angry, Im not even sure if I am writing in a coherent fashion or not, but I'm sort of in the mood to type! so I guess it's sort of a exercise for me.

JL channels Daniel Radcliffe’s biggest fan. Read the interview here:

Official website of the Photographer Yu Tsai:

This is what makes me happy today...

I don't get why is this so addictive.