Monday, March 12, 2012

♥ ✞ NOVA CHIU ♥ F/W 2012-13 Collection ♥ ☯ ✞

So, this is super exciting. Just a few days ago, as I was surfing around the net, feeding myself with fashion updates, I stumbled across the Vauxhall Fashion Scout'"Ones to Watching" fashion show. Each year, during the London Fashion Week, The Vauxhall Fashion Scout selects four new and promising designers to join the collaborative show as they get to debut their collections. 

This year, among many other talented designers, there was a collection that took my breathe away. 
Inspired by the ethnic groups in the Shangri-La region of China, with fusion of neon colors, the Autumn/Winter 2012-13 collection by Nova Chiu was a jaw dropping and simply one-of-a-kind collection that made me wanting...MORE!!

Above are sketches from Nova.

(click image to see full collection)

Look at those bursts of colors and textures! Everything from the clothes, tights, earmuffs to those headbands are embellished by brocade and fur trims. Reinventing tradition with youth, mixing the East and West! I also cannot help but wanting to make some close up stills from the show, here's a few I picked, see how the accessories and colors actually helped to frame the face? it's quite brilliant.

Below are tights from her graduation collection last year at the London College of Fashion:

For me, those are just enough to make me feel amazing for this entire spring break, so I will feast my eyes upon those for a while. I guess my appetite for colors has grown lately, not so sure if it has grown more mature though. But, whatever.


  1. wow her collection is so unique and quirky. i love it too

    Jess †

    1. yea, she's pretty amazing hey?
      thanks for dropping by


  2. Wow this collection is FAB! good spot xx