Tuesday, March 13, 2012

☾ ♥ officially 20 ♥ ☺

Hi everyone! Yesterday was my 20th birthday! Some heart-warming celebrating went down last night, and I couldn't be happier. I guess right now I am writing those morning after post. Self-reflection? Confessions? hmmm, well, I do know that I've been a good girl this year...a lot has changed, but does bad girls have more fun? Now that's a superficial question of the day for y'all!

So, I've been having a good time here in Kingston, Canada! the city is beautiful and antique-y, the kids here (in Queens University) are so preppy it's ridiculous. Everyone has a pair of Hunter boots, Lulu Lemon pants, it's like a religion here or something. But nothing against them though, I actually enjoyed the sight. I'm just happy that I could still fit in with the rest of those kids since I've gotten too much of an art school attitude on. (and that's not good. I hate it.)

As I take in the old english styled academic environment that surrounds me, I cannot help but confess that I am sort of inspired! The uniforms (even though they don't wear any), the groupies, the home-comings, and the pride! Woot! So much energy! ah! please! So, here's a little mood board I made! 

Also, I watched Dr.Seuss in 3-D, the day before my birthday with my beau!! and it was s.u.p.e.r emotional for me. I cant believe I cried, the movie itself was ... okay, but Im just so happy to see what happened after the Lorax left! It's like I've been waiting for twelve years and....here I am, in my last night of being an "teen"ager, the answer to "UNLESS" is unlocked. I can't even continue without being emotional again! GAH@IM JUST SO HAPPY! 

I guess that's about how much I can type for now(liking the Albert Einstein poster behind me? yea, thats right, our hair matches!) OH! and lastly, I'm happy that I've been able to keep up with this blog, one of my wishes for this year was to be able to motivate myself to blog. Even if there isn't a lot of readers, blogging for the sake of mental health? haha, too much, too much.

I'm really thankful and greatful for everything, Thank you mommy thank you daddy, and thank you Rosie and thank you Joey. you guys are my four elements of life...I LOVE YOU GUYS TO DEATH ♥♥♥

p.s. ♥Happy birthday to Sada Fann from the blog "W.C.I.L.S"! we have the same birthday! yay and the girls from the blog are so inspiring and has such great style that I have been looking up to ever since high school! 


  1. Happy birthday ♥
    May all your dreams come true on this wonderful day!

    1. Thank you so much Hiromi! ♥♥
      you are so adorableeeee :)

  2. To Cindy Hsu:

    Thanks for your sweet celebration & sharing,
    You are the best, and we wish you all the very best<3


    1. Haha, its spring timmeeee :D
      and love+ sweetness is in the air ♥

      thank you for dropping by!