Monday, October 12, 2009

Disaster Never Felt So Beautiful

It was a mistake that took you here.
A bad decision that haunted you as you walk along.
There was no sign, no prophesy that led you here.
but here you are, standing in the middle of nowhere, alone.
You wanted to scream,
You wanted to shout,
You wanted to weep,
but you know that was your decision.
so you were a man about it, and tough it out.

You stood at the top of a hill where everything was colder,
and air harder to breathe in.
and when you arrive at the edge of the disaster,
you saw the city.

Lying there like a dark crematorium,
with clouds of smoke hanging above.
You thought for a second, and you look around yourself.
Serene and untouched.
Then for a second, you see the sun shinning above you for the first time.
and look at the city below you once again.

It is burning now, the city.
it is on fire.

ashes couldn't reach you, so you stood still, watching.

A disaster never felt so beautiful.
And there you are, smiling to yourself.