Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Big Lesson

Embarrassed, I sat alone at the edge of my bed and chuckled.
With tears as my company, I hide underneath my palms, and cry restlessly.

Alright, I admit it.
I am extremely forgetful, and really, I do deserved some sort of punishment for allowing myself to get away with it most of the time.
There should had been more cautiousness and carefulness flowing through me. But there wasn't.
so then, this act of forgetfulness, was finally penalized tonight.

As I realized, when getting off of the car, that my precious life-filled soul-filled "sketchbook" is absent from my hands, I froze.
Then on the way back to the restaurant where I had dinner, I was brazened that it would most likely be there.

And this, was the climax.
The part where I walked into the restaurant with such confidence, yet when the waitresses announce that there was no sketchbook.

My foolishness finally served me. Right.

I was to be sentence to live with this.
This silly mistake of not taking care of my belongings, and losing something both sentimental and valuable.

So I promise, in the coming future, this big lesson today, will act as a talisman and I shall always and forever to be cautious, and never forgetful.

(I promise.)