Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Monday Distance Love

Through the metals which enclosed millions of transferring electrons,
I could hear the rhythm of your breathing.

Gently, You soothed my soul into a mauve colored linen.
Softened, by the timbre of your voice.

I watched the rain slide down the transparent glass as I held the device close to my ear.
Monday afternoon was about to be swallow, and fallen leaves lapse through the autumn sky onto the cement street, silently, and seemingly reluctant.
It did little to effect me, for I was with you, through this device.

In this little room of mine, where lamps swept away the duskily filled environment, I hear of the sizzling sunshine in the Eastern Hemisphere and the shirts that are soaked with body sweat.
You talk of the beautiful sunshine, and I speak of the dimming autumn (here in Canada.)

I cooled down your torrid life, and you warmed up my dispirit world.
We were complements, in the opposites of the globe.

Connected, not only through technology,
but also, by