Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Ten reasons not to talk

You see, English is my second language.
Dark hair, dark eyed,
I am an inked question mark, among the seas of foreign alphabets.

anyways, so I came across this rather funny and legit post from Nicolasee.
Here it is!

The Ten reasons not to talk (or why you didn't talk)

1. you might be boring
2. they might not understand you
3. you might stumble on your words
4. they might not hear you so you end up talking to yourself
5. they might think you like them
6. you might offend them
7. you might strike a passionate topic and have to listen to them talk about rubbish
8. you might miss the bus
9. you might lose your voice
10. you might fall in love with them

...and they might not love you back!