Wednesday, September 23, 2009

An "Amélie" Life

Ever since I watched this movie 2 years ago, my life was changed forever.
It's an indescribable sense of bliss that one could ever feel towards this movie.

Realizing how beautiful life is, and how much wonder there is in every corner of this world, I cannot hold the sincere affection brimming out of my heart.

I felt as if I was given a new pair of eyes, having a brand new perspective that enables me to physically and emotionally feel the true happiness in life.

The beauty of an act of kindness,
and the trueness behind every honest gesture,
links us one by one, heart to heart.

No longer do I praise over fortune, fame, lust or plastic beauty.
I believe there are so much more to life than that,
and that is the life I chose to live,

An "Amélie" Life.