Thursday, September 24, 2009

Horses at Night

The vocabulary quiz today during English class was certainly.... not easy,
but thats done for now. (though I still can't believe I forgot what "Abdicate" meant)

Aside from that, I read a new short story today, called "Horses at Night" by Margaret Laurence. It was quite powerful, in a sense that the characters reflected how each of us perceive fear and reality.

Do we accept them, or do we repel away?
Do we escape reality, into our own dream?

Some words came into my head, a single line from a poem I had once heard.
I knew it referred to a lover who did not want the morning to come,
but to me it had another meaning, a different relevance.

Slowly, slowly, horses of the night ---

The night must move like this for him, slowly, all through the days and nights.
I could not know whether the land he journeyed through was inhabited by terrors,
the old monster-kings of the lake, or whether he had discovered at last
a way for himself to make the necessary dream perpetual