Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday's My Day Off

Today I'm taking a day off from work!
Even though I've always had fridays off,  but being a hard-working no lifer person I have become since the graphic design life started, I usually just work through friday (and saturday, and sunday).

So, in celebration of ... realizing how important it is to stay both mentally and physically healthy!
I'm having a television/movie marathon!

The quote above was in last night's episode of "Parks and Recreation ". Though it wasn't my favorite episode out of the whole seasons, I felt really connected with the plot; since I too, tries to juggle between tasks, and over-working myself to exhausion, like Leslie.

In the episode, Leslie was caught between her campaign and her current government job. Determined to put all her effort into both activities, despite the advice of taking some time off from one and concentrate on the other, she kept on going. However, things became more and more difficult as her tasks from both jobs demand her full attentions. While everything seems to be in a chaotic mess, a friend comes along, the genuine, awesome friend that knows what is in your best interests, and that friend was, the good ol' Ron!

When he dropped the quote, it was so touching but at the same time hilarious.
I was like, uhhhh need to put this into a beautiful typeface!?

So there you have it, my friday so far.
Inspired by television sitcom!

* Typefaces I used:  "Tommaso" by Eli Horn & "Blanch" by ATIPUS.

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